Ora-Ïto vs Marcantonio
This was a versus talk which moderated by Fabio Novembre and held in Domus Academy in Milan.
Ora-Ïto is a known French designer, and he was one of the first designers who used social media and the internet to showcase their design abilities. His designs have a minimal, futuristic and organic look. Nature is his inspiration and he names his works Rational organic, based on nature but simplified because we are human and we don’t know how to make them the same.
Marcantonio was sitting versus Ora-Ïto, who is an Italian designer and sculpture. What he does is creating functional sculptures, such as lightings, chairs and more. He sees the design as a game and he is looking for fun in design. The thing he enjoys to do is mixing different objects and other phenomena.
The most interesting words that I heard today was from Marcantonio:
“An artist is someone who is recognized and just sells one object and the buyer don’t like the work but knows the artist, but the designer can be someone who no one knows and everyone like to buy the object they have designed”

Finally, the interesting thing about this talk was how people can approach the same issues with different solutions and how each person likes to design and get the job done.

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