The exhibition held at Palazzo Reale, therefore for entering the exhibition, you had a walk through the rooms with decorations of the 16th century.

Nanda’s lightings have a futuristic look from the ’60s till now and this combination of futuristic, modern, simple and sharp edges with the whole building was something different. The lightings had not designed to light up the space for living, they are designed to change the atmosphere, with mostly blue red and purple colors they created a Hi-Tech environment. I can divide the exhibition into two different sections, none existence and reflection. In none existence works Nanda uses frosted glass and not fully transparent glasses, with neon lights between the layers of glass, these works make you try to see through the light, try to find out what’s inside. And the reflection works! Usually, LEDs combined with mirrors, which you see your own reflection inside with a new light setting that you are not used to it. And also according to the set-up of the exhibition, you could see some of the lightings inside the other ones which somehow creates infinity light. Moreover, you can be able to see the environment from another perspective.

In conclusion, I am a fan of geometric shapes and designs with sharp edges and I can say I had fun seeing such projects. Some of the works really talk to you, and you can feel the idea of designer and the story on her mind, but in some cases, it was like, mmm… ok?

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