Bionic Green Wall
  • Industrial Design Project VIII: Bionic

What's Biograll?

Biograll is a smart green wall and it is designed to be a part of home decoration and be aesthetically bold. nIf Biograll senses humidity of plants is getting low it wilts to show the user that plants need water. By touching the Biograll it dispenses the exact amount of water that is needed by each plant. It follows sunlight and bends to receive the maximum of sunu2019s energy for plants and itself as it covered with photovoltaic panels to generate its needed power. It is also equipped with a lighting system which can be turned on according to daytime and its color changes based on plants health.

Decorative and Sustainable

Biograll is self sustaining, it collects the water it need from the air and also uses solar panels to generate the power it needs.

Follow the Sun

Biograll follows the Sun during the day to harvest the Sun’s energy as much as it can.

Emotional Engagement

To water the plants the owner of the wall has to touch the wall to trigger the watering system. The wall starts to wilt when ever the water is low, this is visual feedback for people to come and touch and interact with their plants.

Grasshopper 3D algorthm to create Biograll, with complete control over the form.

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