Wings Light is a modular lighting system with a minimal design but not that much simple. It can be used in pairs or by use of extender pipes it let the user explore her creativity and expand the system. A simple aluminum plate that can rotate 360° on the Y axis and also 120° on the Z axis to give the user ability to personalize her environment, for example creating personal space for reading or public space for occasions.

Wings is made of Aluminum and ABS in general, with milling and molding techniques. I have presented matt black and glossy yellow colors and unpainted aluminum, it can have other finishings as well. The suggested LEDs system is the mixture of cold and warm LED lights to have a natural light, and also give the user the ability to control the amount of cold light or warm light.
With the mixture of universal joints, the aluminum plate can be able to rotate 360° on the Y axis and also 120° on the Z axis.

Check it out on Desall website.

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