Designed By:

Farshad Saffari Ghandehari and Mehrdad Atariani

All individuals who have or do not have ‘SIGNALL’ can register in an integrated system in which the personality test, basic information (age, gender, etc.). This information can be completed through Instagram, Facebook, etc. Those who wish to communicate use the ‘SIGNALL’ to find the location of the appropriate person they are looking for. The object identifies only those individuals that match the character and characteristics of each other.

Individualism is reaching a new stage and each person has a few strong relationships and many loose relationships. There is a lot of information about each person available on the internet we are managed to use this big data to help people to find new people to communicate with whenever they like to. This system connects the people who really and easily can have a good conversation. Which later can lead to strong or loose relationships.

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