Isfahan University of Art is a historical place which is about 500 years old that is called “Tohid Khane”. Tri Space was a concept for building new furniture sets with colaboration of students. Conterary to Tohid Khane Tri Spcae has a modern polygonal design which wants to stand betwen Alighapoo Palace and Tohid khane and be reminded as a piece of art while it is not very expensive to build, it is completly functional and it is designed to answer students needs in the university. 

Environmental Study: According to the historical importance of the environment we had to be aware of what we are designing and how we want to approach it. we could design a recycle bin a bench and a light but we decided to put another mark on this land.

Interactions Analysis: Students of different fields are divided due to their classes positions and they have a few connections with each other, We see this as a problem and we wanted to make them close by using the pond in the school.

Activities Analysis: Architecture of the building has three stages, close , semi-close and open areas. activities has to be step by step too. By designing a shelter on the pond we tried to make a focal point for ala students and this will help them to make new connections to grow and be more successful.

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