A hardworking, tech-savvy, ambitious, and adoptable Industrial Designer who is trying to make everyone’s life much enjoyable by designing products and services; especially smart and connected products and IoT systems. Bring new experiences and emotions to the users and make products which will be detachable from the costumer’s life is what he tries to do. Farshad is always trying to know about the latest technologies and products. He is hoping to be a part or even manager and leader of teams which will help people to have a pleasurable life.

I am about to use technology and design to make everyone happier and more satisfied with their own life. By studying human life and using smart products and artificial intelligence we can create a world that has more motivated people. I hope to make new experiences for humans and engage their emotions with products more

  • 2019 – 2022 MSc. Integrated Product Design
    Politecnico di Milano – 110/110
    Thesis “Tactile Navigation Product System to improve urban life experience”
    2013 – 2018 BSc. Industrial Design
    Art University of Isfahan – 18.71/20
    Thesis “Smart product design to improve the everyday life of design students”
  • 2022 – Polifactory – Talent in Residence 
  • “Conducting research on a haptic navigation system to improve the navigation experiences”
  • 2022 – ISS s.r.l. – Industrial Designer
  • “Designing a muscle therapy product and preparing the 3D printed prototype” 
  • 2021 – Accessory Power – Industrial Designer
  • “Designing, 3D modeling, rendering for Enhance and GoGroove brands”
  • 2021 – Innobrain – Industrial Designer
  • “3D Modeling, 3D Printing EEG device”
  • 2021 – 2022 – Zymio – Experience Designer
  • “Designing UX & UI modest fashion marketplace desktop and mobile website design”
  • 2020 – Tinker Design Limited- Product and Experience Designer Intern
  • “3d Modeling, animation, rendering, experience design”
  • 2017 – Value Innovation Center
  • “Designing services for improving the acceptance of new fintech products”
  • 2020 – Braun – Student Designer
  • “Design for Wellbeing by Duy Phong Vu”
  • 2020 – SAES Group – Student Designer
  • “Incorporating shape memory alloys into consumer products”
  • 2019 – Ferrero – Student Designer     
  • “Developing products and experiences for Kinder’s Joy and Surprise product line”
  • 2019 – European Space Agency – Student Designer     
  • “Developing astronauts fitness tools concepts”
  • 2018 – Teaching and holding 24 hours Smart Product and Smart Home design and prototyping workshop at Isfahan University of Art
  • Teaching and holding 24 hours Smart Product and Smart Home Design and Prototyping Workshop at Isfahan University of Art
  • 240 hours internship at Ansar Bank Value Innovation Center (2017)
  • Paolo Cardini’s Souvenirs of Future Workshop with design, Listening to the Trees (2017)
  • Teaching Rhino, Grasshopper and Arduino
  • Global Service Jam (2015)
  • Global Sustainability Jam (2014)
  • Iran Open RoboCup with Espadana 2 (2009)
  • English (TOEFL iBT 99 – 2018)
  • Italian (B1 – Attending in course)
  • German (B1)
  • Persian (Native)

Adobe XD
Fusion 360

Prototyping and Modeling
Creativity and Innovation
Product Evaluation
UX and ID
Design Thinking
Team Managment
Teaching Software
Innovative Presentation
Research and Trend Finding