Digital Design Days Milano 2019

Digital Design Days… A huge hype! Enormous announcements! Very expensive tickets that no one could buy! Receiving emails of volunteers for the event and being able to be in all talks… and then, OK there are some free tickets for Polimi students! I got one! WOW Perfect it will be fantastic… honestly it was good! but not that good that huge marketing made you expect of this event. On the other hand, the motion graphics and graphics were so fascinating. By the way, a lot of topics were interesting for me, AI, IoT, experience, and interaction design. At first sight, the really, cool thing was the count down for before each talk. it was designed by Detroit Studio, I really, amazed and got under the impression by it and totally, all the graphics of the event were so good. I had the Aqua pass and I thought, ok I am not allowed to get into Purple talks, but actually there were no limits, so I missed a lot of interesting talks.

Let’s jump in the first talk that I joined. Ferdinando Gorga from IBM, Boosting digital creativity.
He started his speech by explaining Digital Transformation. When a traditional business moves into an amplified form of business, it is a digital transformation. This transformation usually creates much bigger revenues and usually, we call them ‘smart-something’. Then he introduced the IBM Cloud Platform where it allows you to try out some features which you might need for the next big digital transformation.

The second speech that I want to cover is one from Lauren Bowker. She is the creative director and founder of THE UNSEEN; they are working on color-change compounds in the fashion industry. They develop smart materials that react to environmental attributes. In general, she explained what capabilities their materials have and how they have used them till now, like a flag that is sensitive to air pollution or paints which react to the speed of air which is flowing over them.

Lorenzo Cordioli was the third speaker that I want to mention in this article. He introduces himself as a tech lead at AQuest, which is a satisfying title. AQuest working fields are Web Experience, Films, 3d, and Labs. They create interactive installations. Lorenzo had a very engaging speech, and his slides were about how to do creative technological work in the best way. I put his best slides below.

The digital era without AI is meaningless, no? Gianluca Maruzzella is CEO and Co-founder of; which develops Chatbots and Natural Language Processing. He explained that is a conversational Artificial Intelligence and what are the requirements for them. Then he presented 9 principles to create great conversational AI experiences. You can find the slides below.

Participating in Digital Design Days was really exciting. I am not a guy who can easily create now contacts but there at least I could get to know companies that I like how they are working and I saw their CEOs or other guys that I might work with. Hopefully, it can shape my future professional path.

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