During Brera Design Days in Milan, the second edition of the Rethink festival had been held, and Krista Patrick was the first speaker in the event.

Natural capital and its importance and the services that the UK government provided to improve the natural capital and save nature. Natural capital is a hidden benefit of nature. Greater Manchester is one of four areas that testing using natural capital approaches. The first step in the natural capital approach is to understand what you have, parks gardens and more, and understand what and who is benefiting from them. Second is the policy which you need to make sure that new projects take account to have green areas and infostructure. Three is the money, where you can get the money that you need to invest in natural capital. Which usually from government and charities but now they are planning to have big investments and make interest for them. the social-environmental impact can be something that companies might be interested in. and the last section is communication engagement, and how people understand the value of nature and how they are connected to nature.

Nature is something important for human, it helps us to be healthy mentally and physically. We need to find ways to compensate what we have done to our environment and all the spices. We are still at very early stages of these changes and awareness, I am happy to see these movements. But we need to walk a long path to encourage everyone in different industries, societies, and countries to take a positive step in saving our planet.

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