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What's D° Clock?

We do not look at the clock just to know the time; by looking at a clock we review the tasks that we have to do in a day at specific times in a day. All of us had experience of using a piece of paper to write down the obligations we have to do in a day, but many times we fail to do all of them; moreover, we forget to do them. D° Clock is here to change the game; with its sleek minimal design, it can be a nice furnishing clock of any room. It is a 24-hour clock so you can plan all your day on it. It is a soft round clock covered with felt, with the use of pins and paper you can pin your tasks on it on the desired time of day. With D° Clock you will never miss an appointment or task to be done again.

Photographer: Mehdi Yavari

Models: Zahra Nejati, Muhammad Ghasemi

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