I surf the Eventbrite and MeetUp apps regularly and I found an interesting title of ‘Kickstarter Masterclass’. It’s years that I am looking forward to running a Kickstarter campaign. I found this opportunity to improve my knowledge about Kickstarter and how to run a successful campaign. Heather Corcoran is the International Director of the Design & Technology section of the Kickstarter.
She started talking about which projects are usually successful in the design and tech field. After that, she explained how you should explain your story to be more engaging and more effective to encourage people to invest their money in your project. then how to select and present your project rewards and different types of them. Then there were more details about products, lunching time and how to reach your goal.
After that, we had a chance to user her Kickstarter canvas and try to answer all the requirements for a project which can be launched on Kickstarter.com successfully.

Kickstarter 1

Kickstarter 2

Kickstarter 3

Kickstarter 4

Kickstarter 5


Kickstarter 6

Kickstarter 7

Kickstarter 8

Kickstarter 9

Kickstarter 10


It was so nice to see Heather Corcoran and learn about her experience about how to be successful in running a Kickstarter campaign. The most interesting thing I have learned that day was, you have to design something as simple as possible and most understandable for everyone, if you make a too complicated product it means this product will fail in Kickstarter campaign because backers can’t understand how your product works and is it really feasible or not.

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